Fee Schedule

What’re the cost and fees for your service?

Fair Pricing Guarantee

We know that being a freelancer comes with some fairly substantial fluctuations in your income, so we designed our pricing to flex with you. We charge a very small percentage-based fee of 0.35% as money is deposited into your account. For most folks, this usually comes out to about $8 a month. We also know that when business is good, business is good. We don't want to rake you over the coals just because you're having a killer year, that's why we'll cap your annual bill at $125 if your earnings start flying off the chart.

Additional Service Fees

There are no setup fees or minimums. There are however, a few edge cases where we do have to charge a fee. Our users almost never encounter these fees, but they are described in more detail below. 

Item Fee (in US Dollars)
Account Activation No Charge
Monthly Service Fee No Charge
Close Account Fee No Charge

Legal judgment involving the funds in your account

These fees are charged to cover the bank’s costs. It is unlikely you will encounter these with Painless1099.

Item Fee (in US Dollars)
Legal Processing $100
Writ Processing $100
This is charged to cover bank costs and applies if there is a legal judgment that involves money in your account.
Faxing $0.50
This covers the faxing of documents in the event of legal action.
Research $30/hr



These are fees documented by our banking partner that you will never pay as a Painless1099 user, because of the way we have setup our product, but we wanted you to know about them anyway.

Item Fee (in US Dollars)
Inactivity Fee $5/month
Our partner bank charges a fee for accounts inactive longer than 12 months. If you leave your Painless1099 account inactive after 9 months, we will contact you about reactivating it. By the end of the eleventh month, we will send the remaining funds to your personal bank account on file, and close your Painless1099 account before this fee accrues.
Overdraft $35
Painless1099 will prevent you from withdrawing more money than what is available in your account by default.


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