Verifying Your Identity

Next, we have to make sure that you are who you say you are to prevent any kind of identity fraud.

In this article, you’ll learn how we verify and protect your identity.


Ideology Questions

To verify your identity, we use information from public databases to generate 4 questions and give you 10 minutes to answer at least 3 of 4 correctly.

These types of questions are pretty standard for opening a new bank account. Because they’re so specific, any individual trying to open an account for you without your permission would likely struggle to answer these questions correctly.

If you’re able to answer 3 of the 4 questions correctly, your identity will be verified and you’ll move on to Linking Your Bank Account.

If you’re unable to answer at least 3 of the 4 questions correctly, you’ll be sent to manual review. This just means that the bank needs some additional information to verify your account.

Manual Review (if applicable)

If you’re unable to verify your identity through the ideology questions, your account will have to be verified manually by someone at the bank.

You’ll be asked to upload two documents in order for them to do so:

  1. Driver’s License: You’ll need to upload a copy of your driver’s license. The bank uses your license to verify your identity with the information that you provided.
  2. Utility Bill or Bank Statement: These documents are used to verify your address. These documents must be current and include your name exactly how it appears on your driver’s license and the address you provided while opening your account.

Note: Manual review cases typically take 3-5 days to be decided on. We’ll reach out to you via the email on your profile with the result of your manual review.

Once you’ve successfully verified your identity, you’ll move on to Linking Your Bank Account.

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