Linking your Painless1099 account to your Metlife Account to automatically make your payments is easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Click here to download this form from Metlife
  2. Under ‘Company’ select ‘Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company’
  3. Under ‘Section 1’ select ‘New Authorization’
  4. Under ‘Section 2’ enter your information as it appears on your Painless1099 account
  5. Fill out ‘Section 3’ to your preferences
  6. Under ‘Section 4’ Enter your Painless1099 Account and Routing Number
    1. These numbers can be found by logging into your Painless1099 dashboard
    2. Enter ‘Bank Name’ as Lincoln Savings Bank
    3. Enter ‘Bank Address’ as 508 Main Street Reinbeck, IA 50669
    4. Please note that your Painless1099 account is a savings account
  7. Under ‘Section 6’ sign the appropriate fields
  8. Follow instructions under ‘Section 7’ to return this form to get your automated payments set up
    1. Please note that “Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company” is the issuing company
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